Holborn Community Association

Cause Name: Holborn Community Association
Cause Type: Children & Youth
Cause Location: United Kingdom
Cause Contact: Holborn Community Association
Cause Contact Position: Manager

Cause Mission:

The mission of Holborn Community Association is to provide accessible, inviting social centres and activities to the residents of Holborn and the surrounding areas in London. We aim to provide a range of services and facilities to improve social welfare, increase opportunities for local people and reduce social and economic inequalities in our community

Additional Information:

Holborn Community Association (HCA) is a community anchor organisation which aims to: promote the interests of local people regardless of age, background, circumstances and needs; provide a space for local people to access recreation and welfare services; liaise with appropriate local organisations and institutions to further these aims; and operate a community centre facility as a meeting space for local people and organisations.  At our three centres, Bedford House Community Centre, 1A Arts and Millman Street Resource Centre, we provide accessible, inviting social spaces where local people can meet and take part in a range of quality and affordable activities.

Services offered across HCA’s three centres include sessions for under 5s; gymnastics; taekwondo; ballet; arts and culture projects; advice and guidance; school holiday play schemes; youth activities; children’s parties; community events; lunch club; and activities project for over 55s.  We also collaborate with local organisations to extend the reach of our services and create additional opportunities for participation.

A wide variety of informal community groups also use our space to host their own activities which are open to all members of the community, including: sports and exercise sessions; meditation; music groups; vegan cooking; and an older lesbian group.