Incredible Brilliant Youth

Cause Name: Incredible Brilliant Youth
Cause Type: Children & Youth
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Teresa Reynolds
Cause Contact Position: Founder

Cause Mission:


At Incredible Brilliant Youth, our vision is a city that helps young people to be confident and successful, giving them access to support and opportunities that will boost their self-esteem and help them to thrive.



Our mission is to help support and empower generations of young people, helping them grow in confidence, encouraging leadership and helping them to be more self-assured.



SUPPORT- listening to young people, giving them space to express themselves through our workshops and mentoring programme

EMPOWER- meeting young people 'where they are at' - in any circumstance or situation and providing information, advice, guidance and encouragement to help them move forward through our talks, events and one to one sessions

GROW - helping the young people we work with to realise their strength and how valuable their presence and contributions are to the world. We want them to know that their future matters and support them in their growth and personal development.



Additional Information:

Incredible Brilliant Youth is a fun, innovative youth organisation that was set up in July 2012 to help empower and improve the confidence of young people through workshops and talks on self esteem, beauty, body image, education and employment.

Since then we've worked CIC with over 1000 people and this number continues to grow. Workshops and talks have been delivered in schools, youth clubs, housing associations and as part of targeted detached youth work services in parks and on estates. We've worked in several London boroughs with a variety of young people, those engaged in education, members of newly arrived communities, those who are not in education, employment or training and young people with special educational needs.