Cause Name: Findacure
Cause Type: Health
Cause Location: United Kingdom
Cause Contact: Nicolas Sireau
Cause Contact Position: Chairman and CEO

Cause Mission:

Findacure is building a movement of patients with fundamental diseases, providing training and support to patient groups in order to help them grow.

We are also working on developing drugs for these conditions.

There are more than 6,000 chronic rare diseases without a fully effective treatment, affecting more than 100M people around the world, including 25M in Europe. The global for-profit medical research industry creates 15-30 new drugs per year, and few of them are focused on rare diseases, since by definition the size of the patient population is too small.  When industry does create a treatment for a rare disease, the yearly cost can exceed £100,000 per patient.

Useful treatments are only one step away from patients and their physicians, through the innovative, fast, safe and affordable process of drug repurposing, taking a generic drug already approved for human use in one disease and creating a new treatment by clinically testing it in a rare disease. Pharma is not interested in doing this because there is no IP to protect in generic drugs.

Between 10-30% of these repurposing clinical trials in a portfolio should yield a new treatment that helps patients reduce or eliminate the symptoms of their disease, and significantly reduce their healthcare costs.  

Additional Information:

Findacure is a fast-growing and award-winning charity that helps people with fundamental diseases and repurposes generic drugs for these conditions. Findacure was set up by Nick Sireau, father of two children with the ultra rare Black Bone Disease.

Fundamental diseases are rare and extreme diseases that help us understand and treat common conditions. For instance, statins are the most widely prescribed cholesterol reducing drugs, yet they were developed thanks to the study of an ultra rare disease.


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