Cause Name: Unity
Cause Type: Disaster Relief
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Pia Hitchcox
Cause Contact Position: co-founder

Cause Mission:

We are setting up Unity, a UK based grassroots charitable fund, working to bridge the needs gap of refugees, starting in areas in Turkey and expanding to countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine. The areas in Turkey despite having large refugee populations lack the attention of aid organisations and the media, therefore immediately needing support.

Financial transparency is extremely important to us; we will provide easily accessible financial reports, so funders can see exactly where their money is going. We also aim to have little to no donations funding personal and company expenses. Donors will know that most, if not their entire donation will directly benefit the beneficiaries. This will be done through personal and business funding.

Additional Information:

Our first projects will support The Syrian Social Gathering (SSG). SSG provides healthcare, education, vocational training and legal support to some of the 300,000 refugees in Mersin, Turkey. Their projects are thriving, with the exception of their underfunded legal centre. We are initially fundraising for this, allowing them to expand from providing legal documentation to 3,500 people per year to 11,000. This documentation allows Syrian refugees to work and receive AFAD cards, providing access to education and healthcare, under the Turkish government. Moving forward we are undergoing further field research to identify needs gaps and start projects accordingly, with the support of local organisations.