Cause Name: FSN
Cause Type: Children & Youth
Cause Location: Hastings, East Sussex
Cause Contact: Stephanie Edmonds
Cause Contact Position: Devleopment Director

Cause Mission:

  • To alleviate poverty, disadvantage, discrimination,  social exclusion
  • To promote equality, needs led services, participation
  • To believe in community social justice, preventative  action.

Additional Information:

 FSN is a Charity founded in 1939 which aims to support disadvantaged children, young people and families, registration number 208446, a company limited by guarantee number 371615.

 FSN’s objective is to provide effective and professional caring action without discrimination and favour for children and young people suffering the effects of poverty, disadvantage, neglect and abuse and aims to:

  • Help local children, young people      and families to cope in a rapidly changing society where personal and local      circumstances will frequently be difficult.
  • Provide experiences enabling      children and young people to develop mentally, physically and spiritually,      supporting them to become independent adults who are able to contribute to      the community.
  • Recognise the contributions made by      parents, carers, staff and volunteers.
  • Support and develop staff in a      secure and stable working environment.
  • Continue providing quality services    in response to need and to adhere to appropriate standards ensuring  safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults