I Will Tell International Film Festival

Cause Name: I Will Tell International Film Festival
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Jenny
Cause Contact Position: Director

Cause Mission:

Our mission is to host, encourage and support the best of the world’s established and emerging filmmaking talent creating story-telling masterpieces. They are stories that provoke awe and wonder. They are stories that challenge, inspire and open up our minds to other possibilities. And perhaps most importantly, they are stories that empower those whose voices would otherwise not be heard and remind us who we truly are.


Additional Information:

Now in its 11th year, the I Will Tell international film festival features the awful and the awesome, the silly and the sublime, the beastly and the beautiful of the human condition. The festival touches on the spiritual, social, psychological, political, environmental, financial, relational, global, educational, moral and artistic cores of humanity, showing films from a wide range of genres from over 25 countries around the world.

Each screening is followed by an inspirational post-screening discussion and debate with filmmakers, thought leaders and an engaged, culturally diverse and conscious public. We say to our festival goers You Are I Will Tell because, in the end, we are all stories.