Cause Name: MiLife-Victoria
Cause Type: Disability
Cause Location: Frankston, Victoria
Cause Contact: Terri Carroll
Cause Contact Position: CEO

Cause Mission:

Our mission is to provide an environment;

  • That respects, protects, promotes and fulfils its human rights obligations to all people it employs and supports.


  • Where all people are valued for their diversity and individuality.
  • That supports people to exercise choice and control in their lives at all times
  • Where the families and/or significant others of people with disabilities are valued and respected by providing support or assistance in ways that are meaningful and complementary to these relationship(s).
  • That works with individuals, their families and/or significant others to achieve personal goals.
  • That through partnership and collaboration provides a model of support where people have access to individualised, educational and employment opportunities that support empowerment, active participation and engagement in community life.

Additional Information:

MiLife-Victoria is a Community Service Organisation that creates opportunities and pathways to connect people with a disability to community.