Edinburgh Community Yoga

Cause Name: Edinburgh Community Yoga
Cause Type: Health
Cause Location: Edinburgh
Cause Contact: Laura Wilson
Cause Contact Position: Founding Director

Cause Mission:

Our mission is to address the cultural and economic barriers that inhibit people from accessing yoga and meditation by ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. We aim to equip vulnerable people in Edinburgh with the skills to better deal with stress, to improve health and mental well-being, and provide a learning environment that is safe and supportive. 

Additional Information:

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise and have been trading since 2012. We offer mainstream, public yoga classes, workshops and retreats and also specialise in yoga outreach.  Our outreach program allows us to reach many unmet communities such as people in prisons and secure psychiatric hospitals, women affected by trauma, miltary veterans, people with long term health conditions, people in recovery from substance misuse and addiction and the elderly.  

Although we use any profit made to subsadise the outreach work, we also rely heavily on fundraising and donations to continue the work.