Kitchener/ Waterloo Library of Things

Cause Name: Kitchener/ Waterloo Library of Things
Cause Type: Disability
Cause Location: Kitchener, Canada
Cause Contact: Devon Fernandes
Cause Contact Position: Co-Founder

Cause Mission:

Our library hopes to help shape sustainable communities. By reducing the need for individuals to consume and by providing wages for individuals who face barriers to employment, our library as both social and environmental benefits.

Additional Information:

The Kitchener/ Waterloo Library of Things, which is currently under development, will be a space where community members can borrow infrequently used items such as tools or camping equipment. Members will reduce their impact on the environment and this library will provide employment opportunities for people who face barriers to employment.

To ensure the library is sustainable in the long run, we have found a registered charity who will take over our library once it is created. However, we need a marketing/ branding plan to launch our library.