Cause Name: Economy
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Victoria Waldersee
Cause Contact Position: Co-Director

Cause Mission:

Our mission is to give people the confidence to identify with, understand and use economics to make more informed personal choices and engage with the world around them.

Additional Information:

Economy exists to rebrand economics, from something most people see as dull, distant, and difficult, into a subject that's clear, engaging, and easy to understand.

We do this in three ways.

We’re finding out how people feel about economics

We carry out research to find out how people feel about the economy and economics, through everything from focus groups, to vox-pops, to large-scale polls. We're capturing how people respond to the word 'economics', how they'd describe their relationship to the economy, and what they expect from those who communicate about the subject.

We’re finding out how people interact with the economy and how we can all use an increased understanding of how it works to improve our lives. We're identifying what needs to change in order to achieve understandable economics.

...we’re offering a new way of talking about the subject

Our website is the place for news and entertainment on everything from food to sport to the big issues. We make sense of the dry stuff in the financial press, bring clarity to the economics of current news stories, and find economics in popular culture. We give jargon-free explanations of the economic concepts behind our daily lives via our Learn section. And we offer community resources for anyone who wants to get involved with our workshops, quizzes, crash courses and meet-ups.

...and we’re campaigning for others to do the same

Our campaign explores the source of the problem with economics across politics, education, media and the financial industry. We work with representatives from these institutions, packaging our research into practical, positive recommendations on how to speak effectively with and involve people in the work they do. 

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