Projeto Taekwondo Comunitário

Cause Name: Projeto Taekwondo Comunitário
Cause Type: Children & Youth
Cause Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Cause Contact: Danilo Malafaia
Cause Contact Position: Marketing Coordinator

Cause Mission:

Provide access to sports, culture and social activities to children and young people in social vulnerability.

Additional Information:

Associação Jadir de Taekwondo – AJTKD is a nonprofit organization, founded on April 12, 2000, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by a group of parents, educators and ex-athletes, whose goal is to assist children and teenagers in social vulnerability through sport, cultural and social activities.

Over the years, AJTKD has developed several activities, such as the Projeto Taekwondo Comunitário (Community Taekwondo Project), Volunteer Program, Basic Food Basket Program, AJTKD Fighting Against Drugs Program, Studies Reinforcement Program, Social Psychology Program and theTalent Discovery Program.

The Projeto Taekwondo Comunitário (Community Taekwondo Project) was implemented in 2000, aiming to provide free of charge Taekwondo classes to children and teenagers in social vulnerability.

In 17 years, over 5.800 children and teenagers have participated in the project.