Reload Greece

Cause Name: Reload Greece
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: Athens/London
Cause Contact: Christina Garidi
Cause Contact Position: Head of Mentoring / Programme Director for RG Bootcamp

Cause Mission:

Reload Greece is a UK based educational charity that aims to reverse the negative impact that the crisis has created for Greece. We do this by educating young first time entrepreneurs with practical skills rather than business school theory, supporting them with mentoring and expanding their network and perspective through our dynamic business community. Every start-up that comes in touch with us has a business model that has a positive socio-economic impact in Greece. We measure our impact by making entreprenurship accessible/understood to/by the youth and creating jobs back home in Greece.

Additional Information:

Here is some information about the RG Bootcamp 2017 (2-8 October 2017):
  • We are running this event for the 3rd year and it is the only programme we run in Athens in partnership with the ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece.
  • This intensive 7-day programme is open to early stage idea originators and those who want to join a start-up and be part of its success. 
  • The aim of the programme is to build international teams in Athens and help them progress their idea with international mentoring so that in 6 months or so, they could successfully join an accelerator
The RGBootcamp is the second programme in terms of maturity on the RG startup journey. Here is the RG startup journey to put this in perspective:
A) RGYoung Entrepreneurs Programme (Ignite your Start-up Idea with 1-2-1 mentoring and Pitch it) 
B) RGBootcamp (Form a team around your idea, get international mentoring in Athens and become accelerator ready) and finally 
C) RGChallenge (Accelerate your idea and make your venture, investment ready)
The teams will not be pre-formed, they will form at the programme and so no prior work would have been done.

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