Get Out Expeditions

Cause Name: Get Out Expeditions
Cause Type: Environment
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Kieran Harkin
Cause Contact Position: Founder

Cause Mission:

The GET OUT vision is a world where environmental protection is achieved through a genuine will from all people to protect what we love. A world where people from all backgrounds have access to the natural world to ensure a loving connection is reached.


Our mission is to use outdoor adventure to inspire young people to love and protect the environment.


We believe that all young people should have access to the natural environment.


We believe that access to the natural environment should not be restricted to income, social status or demographics.


We believe that through a well-designed teaching programme centred on environmental protection and adventure, we can inspire a new generation of young people who will protect the environment because they love it.  


We believe that teaching young people through adventure education will help develop their personal attributes that will hold a legacy throughout their lives.


We believe that the GET OUT programme will go beyond the national curriculum framework whilst also compliment its learning objectives.



Additional Information:

GET OUT, a social enterprise that elicits the value of the environment and the need for its protection through education, adventure, and exploration.


The goal of GET OUT is to ensure environmental protection and wildlife conservation are instilled in young people's values. This is centered on the belief that people will only protect what they love and to achieve environmental and wildlife protection we must make sure that it is valued and loved.


A social enterprise that brings the outdoors into people's lives, GET OUT will protect the environment through facilitating outdoor adventure, educational experiences that foster teamwork, environmental stewardship, and the acquisition of technical skills.


GET OUT promotes personal growth and development that results in powerful and positive experiences for our participants