That Reading Thing

Cause Name: That Reading Thing
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: UK - and around the world
Cause Contact: Tricia Millar
Cause Contact Position: Creator & Director

Cause Mission:

We have two missions:

  • to offer real measurable improvement in reading and spelling to people who've found themselves outside the education system and struggling to get on in life because of low literacy.
  • to make sure that young people struggling to read in high school - or in their last year before going to high school - get support now.

To accomplish that mission, we want to see one person trained to deliver That Reading Thing in every primary and secondary school, every training agency and youth project.



Additional Information:

That Reading Thing is a literacy intervention for teens and adults both inside and outside the education system. It was created to be delivered by youth workers and community volunteers but is now used by schools (teachers and support staff), colleges, training agencies, youth offending teams, private dyslexia tutors and parents - anyone who can work one-to-one.

It works because it's a combination of tightly structured literacy delivered with a laid-back and friendly approach that guarantees success for people who feel they've failed in educaiton.

It's been externally evaluated by Prof Greg Broks and is recommended in his publication, "What works for children and young people with reading difficulties".

Training is available on-site, online or a combination of the two.

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