Look Good Feel Better

Cause Name: Look Good Feel Better
Cause Type: Health
Cause Location: London / Surrey
Cause Contact: Carly Boyt
Cause Contact Position: PR and Communications Manager

Cause Mission:

Our aim is to greatly improve the confidence and self-esteem of people undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.  We offer a chance to escape the invasive and gruelling treatments and to spend a few hours focusing on wellbeing.  

Additional Information:

Look Good Feel Better is the only charity that specifically helps people manage the side effects of cancer treatment.  Undergoing treatment is life changing and side effects such as changes to the skin and hair loss can feel overwhelming.  Our free workshops and online tutorials teach people vital skills such as a good skincare rountine and how to use make-up to recreate missing eyebrows and eyelashes.  The group sessions are held all over the country for people with any type of cancer and are great opportiunity to meet others in a similar situation.