Girls Go Global

Cause Name: Girls Go Global
Cause Type: Poverty Alleviation
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Toby Storie-Pugh
Cause Contact Position: Founder

Cause Mission:

Use the inspiring nature of bold adventurous goals to engage viewers with critical issues facing women and girls around the world.

Additional Information:

'Girls Go Global' is a long term campaign featuring a series of expeditions designed to use adventurous initiatives to engage viewers with issues facing women and girls around the world - issues that they might otherwise overlook or tune out. How does one cut through the noise to tell critically important stories?

The first expedition will see a team of women drive from the UK to South Africa and back, collecting inspiring women's stories along the way. With an array of incredible cameras and unlimited satellite communications, the team will share these stories in real and almost realtime. A second expedition in the series will see explorer Toby Storie-Pugh make the first attempt to walk the length of the Congo River with a team fronted by actor Robin Wright.