Date to donate - find love by spreading love

Cause Name: Date to donate - find love by spreading love
Cause Type: Children & Youth
Cause Location: Woking
Cause Contact: Jovita
Cause Contact Position: Founder

Cause Mission:

Help singles find love by spreading love.


Additional Information:

 Datetodonate - find love by spreading love!!!

Some years ago, me and my friend were attending many speed dating events, as we wanted to find that special someone. After a few events, we began thinking that it is wrong for someone to be profiteering from one of the purest feelings on this earth – love!

After brief research we realised that a dating industry is a very lucrative business e.g. in UK it worth over £160 mln - so we thought why not “steal” some of the dating industry profits and direct them towards good causes instead.

1. We’re planning to organise our own dating events: where all of the profits from entry tickets would go to charities.

2. We would start organising these events in Woking – followed by rest of the UK.

3. In approximately two years’ time we plan to launch our own dating website, where ALL of the profits from membership fees – once again will go to charities.

4. More specifically - to family orientated charities.

 Like the sound of this?

There are few ways that you can support us:

- We are at the stage - where we need all hands on board to makes us successful - we would very much welcome your skills and assistance. 

- We especially need help with social media sponsors as well as any help to gain publicity.