Stop Poaching Now! (SPN)

Cause Name: Stop Poaching Now! (SPN)
Cause Type: Environment
Cause Location: Los Angeles, London
Cause Contact: Henry
Cause Contact Position: VP Operations

Cause Mission:

SPN!’s mandate is to stop the illegal trade of threatened and endangered species, the illegal trade of animal products, and the over-exploitation of endangered species in general. We work with partners on the ground to protect and rehabilitate animal populations threatened by poaching, and to educate children globally about the dire consequences of this trade.  Our mission is to inspire a social movement and ensure the long-term survival of vulnerable species. 

The foundation works at the ground level, working with schools and communities globally to inspire and educate children on the importance of such topics as apex and keystone species. We emphasize the negative environmental and economic impacts of these animals' diminishing population sizes. We produce educational content for mass online consumption and seek to educate and influence global populations, dignitaries, and political leaders.

Understanding that there is an immediate need to protect these species, we partner with organizations that safeguard endangered animals and their habitats. By spreading awareness, we can diminish the demand for exotic animal products, but we must act NOW before it's too late!

Additional Information:

We run a conservation program and an education program.

Our conservation program is broken into three species projects:

Project Elephant, Rhino and Tiger. These outline our conservation goals for each of these species. Each project has conservation sites around the world to achieve those goals.

Our Education program has started in Los angeles with the intention to expand it to Vietnam, China, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to teach conservation education.