Artem Musica

Cause Name: Artem Musica
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: Rural Uk
Cause Contact: Sharon Longshaw
Cause Contact Position: Director

Cause Mission:

Profits from Artem Musica will be divided into three purses. As previously mentioned 25% of the profits will go to Artem Musica’s own Community Groups Grant Fund. 25% will remain in a holding account with the aim of purchasing a parcel of land so that Artem Musica can offer assisted ‘Camp Outs’ for underprivileged Inner-City families. Lastly, 50% of the profits will remain with Artem Musica so that it can grow, upgrade and develop new community building activities.

Additional Information:


Artem Musica is Non-Profit Social Enterprise geared primarily but not exclusively towards building communities in rural locations across the UK using Art and Music to bring people together with a hands-on approach.


Our goal is to provide fun group activities and entertainment free to local residents whilst encouraging the formation of enduring special interest groups to carry the community building torch forward. To assist newly formed groups and clubs Artem Musica will funnel 25% of its annual profits into a Grant Fund to assist with buying equipment and or materials.


Each Artem Musica event will provide Art by way of producing a public mural or large-scale painting with members of the community led by our two artists. Musical activities will include The Village Band gathered from already musical members of the community and a Ukulele Orchestra with members of the community from absolute beginner to pro. Lastly Spoken Word activities will be led by our Storyteller who will engage the audience into weaving magical tales using props and percussion.