Is your marketing team up for a Challenge?


A Team Challenge is a new way to improve your team's marketing skills and forge a stronger team dynamic while transforming charitable causes.

Our new Pimp My Cause Team Challenges focus on the hard and soft skills you most need to improve - helping each team member meet their talent development goals while supporting your CSR agenda and helping good causes to grow.

"Getting the chance to work with these causes has been a great inspiration for our marketers. And applying their marketing skills in a new context has been a useful way to further develop the talent we have in our team". - Catherine Cherry, Marketing Director of Sony Mobile, North West Europe

How do they work? You and your team will work on live marketing Challenges for good causes. This could be creating a social media strategy, brand development, a communications plan or a direct mail campaign or a combination of things that help the cause to meet their marketing goals.

The Theme for each Challenge is based on your team's talent development priorities. Cause briefs are then developed that suit the theme and these are combined with training and coaching, which can be provided by the Pimp My Cause expert network, to support the learning process. Teams typically speand 2 or 3 days working with their cause partners to fulfil the briefs. We know that marketing enjoy a good competition, so the group that responds bes to their cause's brief will be recognised by their senior management with a prize.


Who are they for? These are team-based training Challenges for ambitious marketing teams of all sizes. The format works equally well for small or large groups.


What's unique about it?

  • You don’t just learn theory – there’s an immediate opportunity to apply the insights to a live real-world brief that emulates the complex business environment.
  • You can build closer relationships with your colleagues and create a better team dynamic by working with good causes.
  • Set against the clock, you and your team will learn to prioritize key insights and improve soft skills as well as formal marketing skills.
  • A unique way to reflect on the areas of your day to day work that you’d like to improve and how to apply the new skills gained from your Pimp My Cause Team Challenge.
Where are these available? We can run Team Challenges anywhere in the UK, either in or out of your offices. 

Examples of our Challenges:

Sony Mobile Challenge

  • Five teams of Sony Mobile marketers took on the Challenge of developing long-term marketing plans for five great causes.
  • It was a competition format with presentations to a group of senior Sony HR executives and a cash prize for the winning team’s cause partner.
  • Each marketer chose the cause they wanted to support and they all gained great inspiration from working on a brief that they were passionate about.
  • The causes all came away with plans that they could implement and all of the causes kept in touch with their marketing teams to give updates on their progress and ask for feedback as they implemented their plans.
  • Due to the success of the first year Sony Mobile has decided to give their team an annual Challenge, with five new causes supported every year.
Sony Mobile marketing Challenge at HeyHuman

Public Health England Challenge

  • 60 marketers from across Public Health England’s partnerships, campaign activation and planning teams were Challenged to work in small groups as if they were a creative agency to develop communications campaign ideas for three great causes.
  • The three causes were chosen because of their communication needs and because they all focus on issues relating to public health.
  • PHE’s marketers gained insight from this Challenge that helped them to better manage their own external agency partners, which will in turn generating better campaigns and improved public health outcomes.

Loyalty for Good Challenge

  • Loyalty for Good was a nine month innovation programme with the Nectar Partnerships team at Aimia.
  • It focussed on contributing to Aimia’s talent development objectives of building deeper innovation capabilities.
  • The Loyalty for Good Challenge demonstrated the contribution that loyalty can make to helping five causes advance their missions through the creation of complete loyalty programmes in support of their goals.


  • Our partnership with #ogilvychange has now entered its third year.
  • The #ogilvychange team works with three of our causes per year as a living laboratory of how the creative application of insights from the behavioural sciences can create positive social outcomes by changing people’s behaviour.
  • #ogilvychange uses Pimp My Cause briefs as part of a summer programme that they run to engage marketers from across the industry in enhancing their ability to drive behaviour change and then Ogilvy’s own team work on the briefs to deliver a complete client solution.  

Institute for Practitioners of Advertising

  • The IPA is the leading organisation in the UK delivering CPD and talent development opportunities for advertising agencies.
  • Their elite residential programmes are primarily aimed at senior agency staff and planners with 2-4 years of board level experience.
  • These programmes combine keynote speakers, live hot-house strategic and creative development in teams; and expert coaching and evaluation.
  • Through a new partnership with the IPA, Pimp My Cause briefs will be used for of all of their residential programmes and Pimp My Cause will be supporting the coaching and evaluation activities.

 IPA and Pimp My Cause partnership featured in the Drum

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