Join us in Marketing a Better World


How you can join in:

Individual Marketers

Individual marketers can get involved by identifying a help wanted ad or cause profile that attracts them (either by browsing our site or by working with our Chief Match-Maker), then agreeing on goals with their chosen cause. Once they have completed their adventure they submit their work to the cause and to us so that we can showcase their story in our news column and through our media partners.

Corporate Marketing Teams – Market a better world and build a stronger marketing team

We offer marketing Challenges, which help marketing teams to meet their talent development goals while achieving breakthrough social value for great causes.

This is a fantastic opportunity for companies to support marketing staff learning and development while contributing to their social agenda at the same time.

Agencies – Making the most out of pro bono

Agencies can get in touch for us to create a custom collaboration that showcases the services they offer by identifying the ideal cause for them to provide pro bono support for.

We’ll facilitate every step of progress and strongly promote the resulting creative work. We work to identify an agency’s strategic goals and to ensure that the collaboration supports these goals.

Professional Organisations – Increasing member participation

We can develop custom collaborations and partnerships that engage the organisations’ members and audiences in participating and showcases the impacts their members can achieve through high quality streams of content. And all of this can be customised around the organisation’s priorities and activity streams. These collaborations can also include joint offerings such as workshops.

We already have significant active collaborations and partnerships with The Marketing Society, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute for Practitioners of Advertising and the Internet Advertising Bureau.


Get in touch with us to begin marketing a better world.