Advice For Causes

Do you have a great mission, but lack the professional marketing resources to accomplish all that you’d like to? Then Pimp My Cause is here to help.

Marketing is usually the single biggest make or break issue for good causes, including charities, NGOs and social enterprises. Lack of marketing means lack of money, lack of awareness and lack of impact.

Good marketing improves strategy, increases awareness, and makes promotion effective. It makes the difference between failure and success. It helps you define your goals more clearly and develop the programmes to bring other people in to support them.
Pimp My Cause offers you the opportunity to get targeted high level marketing support and implementation for free. This can include such help as strategy development, fundraising work, promotions, graphic design and web development.

Pimp My cause provides a platform for you to get help from the qualified professionals that you choose. It also provides a forum for you to develop shared knowledge with a collective community of marketers and causes who are all passionate about mission-oriented marketing.