Advice For Marketers

Have you ever looked at the expertise you have developed through your studies and professional career and thought – “with my experience and ideas, I could really make a difference to my favourite charity, NGO or social enterprise?”

Have you ever donated to a worthwhile cause and then thought to yourself – don’t I have more to give than money?

Or have you ever thought that however much you love marketing, you would love to take on a completely different project that would allow you to market something new and different that you feel passionate about?

Pimp My Cause offers you a modern form of philanthropy which can give you the satisfaction of contributing in a high-impact way based on your brains not your wallet.

Pro bono work through Pimp My Cause can also lead to some really exciting career benefits. Expert pro bono work is a great way to broaden your experience, giving you an opportunity to develop approaches and methods that go beyond your current routine and open new doors to professional development.

Through pro bono work you meet new people, develop contacts with new organizations and develop new thinking. Many people find they learn more from pro bono work than they do from expensive corporate training programmes.
Pro bono work is also a great way to build a compelling portfolio of achievements. This is something that can really set you apart in a downturn when only marketers with that extra something special get chosen by the best employers.

Pimp My Cause gives you the chance to choose pro bono work that you can feel passionate about and opens the doors to joining a collective community of enquiry, testing out novel solutions and sharing best practice.