Manifesto: Joining together to build a better future!

We believe that now is a time of unprecedented need for good causes to flourish. Climate change, environmental resource depletion and the social impact of the economic downturn make good causes, including charities, NGOs and social enterprises, more urgent and more important than ever, yet also more short of funding.

We also believe that making pure financial donations may be a great way to achieve something good – but in a globally connected age, people can also take a more active role in their philanthropy than just writing cheques – they can contribute their talent, helping others and achieving influence, agency, learning and self-development in the process.

We see that great marketing can lift the veil separating us from the needs of others, bringing us into interactive contact, pulling us together, inspiring us to achieve more. And that this has never been more possible than in our current information age, where global connectivity brings opportunities to contribute at the click of a mouse.

We also believe that a greater understanding of the work of good causes, of the challenges of sustainability and of social inclusion enriches marketing as a profession, making it more relevant and authentic.

We seek individuals to join us in building a community of shared interest in developing marketing for the greater good through active participation in engaging projects.

And we seek partner organizations who wish to collaborate at scale to pursue creative marketing excellence for the creation of a better world.