Pimp My Cause has just established a new corporate partnership programme. The purpose of the programme is to collaborate with corporate partners to scale the platform, increasing the numbers of marketers and causes and further developing our knowledge base.


Why we support Pimp My Cause:

At EMR we believe in working with the marketing profession to shape the future of businesses. We also believe that marketers have the skills required to shape the future of society as a whole and are partnering with Pimp My Cause to help do our bit for the community and make a difference. 

How we wish to help:

We’re passionate about helping our candidates to develop their marketing skills and clients to up-skill and motivate their marketing teams, which is why we introduce our customers to Pimp My Cause.

Business Activities:

EMR is a specialist marketing recruitment agency.

We cover everything from core marketing through to digital, communications and investor relations.

We’ve always believed that marketers have the power to shape the future of businesses and that many of today’s marketers will be the future CEOs, MDs and entrepreneurs of the digital age.

Our goal is simple, to bring together the industry's most talented and innovative professionals with marketing teams and businesses across all major sectors.

Key Highlights

Over 20 years in marketing recruitment

Tens of thousands of marketers assisted with their career moves

Over 1,000 Heads of Marketing and Marketing Directors placed

In excess of 6,000 applications received and managed each and every month.