Pimp My Cause has just established a new corporate partnership programme. The purpose of the programme is to collaborate with corporate partners to scale the platform, increasing the numbers of marketers and causes and further developing our knowledge base.


Why we support Pimp My Cause:

We know that when we talk to our staff that some of the projects that they find most motivating are the ones where they feel they are able to make a real difference and a positive impact on the world, not just a commercial one. So we were delighted to be approached by Paul Skinner at Pimp My Cause; his enthusiasm was so infectious that it was impossible not to get involved and apply our creativity to a scheme that we believe will inspire marketers everywhere to want to give back and find new fulfilment and satisfaction through helping good causes. We have loved our work together so far and hope to support Paul and Pimp My Cause for a long time to come.

How we wish to help:

We’re working (pro bono in the spirit of PMC) to develop strategies that will help raise awareness and understanding of Pimp My Cause, and inspire the marketing and advertising industry to sign up. 2013 was ‘the Year of Marketing Karma’ which we kicked off with the launch of the Karma Audit – a fun way for people to check how much marketing karma they’ve accumulated in their career to date, and what animal form they might expect to be reincarnated in. Expect more to come for 2014.

Business Activities:

Stack is an integrated creative agency that works across the whole marketing stack.