Pimp My Cause has just established a new corporate partnership programme. The purpose of the programme is to collaborate with corporate partners to scale the platform, increasing the numbers of marketers and causes and further developing our knowledge base.

The Marketing Society

Why we support Pimp My Cause:

We're excited and proud to be able to partner with Pimp my Cause, a fantastic and innovative platform that brings good causes together with marketing professionals. At the Society we firmly believe that collaboration really makes good things happen and partnering with Pimp My Cause means we can harness the best qualities of both our organisations to make a bigger difference, as part of our broader Marketing for Good initiative.

How we wish to help:

For some time, we've wanted to empower our influential and talented network of marketers to give something back to society. We know it's something our members want to do, and we also know that together our marketing expertise can make a genuine difference. As big believers in collaboration, we knew we wanted to team up with some smart organisations to make this happen. So we officially launched our Marketing for Good Initiative - in partnership with Media Trust and Pimp My Cause - to 300 of our members at our 2013 summer party, with over 100 pledging their support to get involved and give something back.

This collaboration offers tangible opportunities for our members to get involved and make a difference, they can:

* Donate their time

By becoming a mentor, joining a charity's advisory board, or providing expertise on a simple brief

* Provide a placement

For young people looking for a way in to the industry: provide placements for a few days or however long you choose

* Work on a live brief

Help a charity on a specific brief or project or submit a team for the Pimp My Cause Challenge - a competition for 12 marketing teams to create a standout social media campaign, culminating in an awards night with entries being judged by a panel which include Ben and Jerry (founders of Ben & Jerry's). Here is a link to learn more about The Challenge.

More broadly in 2013, we've supported Be the Start throughout May - a month-long celebration of all things sustainable; worked with Paddy Power to raise money for Sported at our Awards for Excellence; promoted Pimp My Cause via their brilliant Karma Audit; harnessed our network to help Fight for Sight find a trustee; and helped raise money for Snow Leopard Trust at our summer party. Plus, for our staff day out this year, we put ourselves on self-imposed gardening leave and spent a few hours gardening at Walton Leigh School - an establishment that specialises in the education of children with severe and multiple learning difficulties.

Business Activities:

The Marketing Society is an exclusive network of 2,600 senior marketers (and counting). We encourage our members to become bolder marketing leaders, helping them to think differently about the challenges they face. In the 54 years since we began, we have become one of the most influential drivers of marketing in the world.