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John Marsden
Registered: 05 Jun 2011

Hi everyone, I run Innvotec, one of the longest running, independent venture capital fund managers in the UK and through my work I have supported the growth of over 60 technology-b...

Current Position: Director

Location: London and Aston Clinton

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Laura Davey
Registered: 24 May 2011

What I may lack in experience, I can make up for in enthusiasm! I’m passionate about all things marketing and really want to build on my experience and qualifications and learn all I can in a...

Current Position: Marketing Executive

Location: Lincolnshire, England

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Alex Epstein
Registered: 24 May 2011

Hi I’m Alex. You may remember me as one of Lord Sugar’s candidates in series 6 of The Apprentice. I’ve joined Pimp My Cause as I think it has the power and potential to m...

Current Position: Chief Brand Storyteller

Location: Manchester, UK

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Philip Dyer
Registered: 17 May 2011

The primary ethos underpinning my approach to business has its routs in Martial Arts; respect; integrity; commitment; tenacity and focus. And as a committed optimist I always find something positi...

Current Position: Executive Chairman

Location: Northwest UK

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Sharon Cleary
Registered: 17 May 2011

Creative copywriter with 10 years experience specializing in concept development and integrated communication campaigns. Have worked with a wide range of clients including Nike, Philips and Olympus...

Current Position: International Copywriter

Location: Amsterdam

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Jeanette Clement
Registered: 12 May 2011

Over the last 10 years I have primarily worked in the charity and not for profit sector. I am passionate about using my skills for positive causes. I produce contemporary, clear designs whic...

Current Position: Owner

Location: London

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Paul Skinner
Registered: 04 May 2011

I'm the founder of Pimp My Cause and of the Agency of the Future. I've been a marketer for over 15 years and like many marketers love to use my skills to change (and hopefully improve) the world ar...

Current Position: Founder

Location: UK

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Anna Mullenneaux
Registered: 04 Apr 2011

I help the Pimp My Cause members find the right person to work with, so send me a message if you would like help finding your best match. You are also welcome to send me a message if you hav...

Current Position: Chief Match Maker

Location: UK

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James Firminger
Registered: 08 Jan 2011

Freelance developer who likes to think he his very much approachable no matter what the circumstances. I also like to think of myself as someone who doesn't mind going that extra mile for people, e...

Current Position: Developers

Location: Burnley, Lancashire

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