David Smith

Personal Introduction:

I am a partner in a graphic design, artworking and web firm named 49th Floor. I like helping people. My favourite colour is blue and I sometimes cheat at Monopoly when I play with my wife's family. I find the best way to do this is to conceal at least 3 £500 notes under the table until just before the end. I have a conscience though and confessing in this manner means that I will now officially fast-track to Heaven.








I have a 'Best Husband badge' from my wife.
I have a Degree in Graphic Design from BCUC in High Wycombe.
I have a B-Tec Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design with Illustration.
I have an A-level in Art.
I have 11 GCSEs (5 As and a few Bs - one C, but that's in French so its okay)
I was Head boy at my Primary School.
I passed my cycling proficiency test (I can also drive a car)
I have Blue, Red, Green, White badges from Bath Rd. Swimming Pool in Luton.


I have worked on creative for huge accounts for global brands such as Honda, Chevrolet and Saab. I have managed artwork production for domestic brands such as Premier Inn, Whitbread and Vauxhall. I have also worked with countless smaller businesses, soul traders and new start-ups. I have done this by following my career path through 1 pre-press position, 1 in-house position and 3 design agencies before setting up 49th Floor with my business partner in 2008. I've been doing this a long time but I still love it.

Skills offered:

Graphic Design
Web Development