Sabrina Exner

Personal Introduction:

My pro bono work as the main commercial and marketing preson in a student-led charity and several consulting projects for start-ups during university have opened the door to the marketing world for me. I know how hard it is to make yourself heard and find funding with little or no funds available to begin with.

Currently, I am working in a position where I wear many different "hats" helping a small local business grow. Most of our customers are small to medium businesses as well, and having seen and worked alongside businesses from all sorts of different sectors, I have gained many valuable insights into the different challenges smaller businesses face. For every project I tackle, I take an integrated approach, not only looking at the problem from different Marketing perspectives, but also from a sales, project management, finance and innovation point of view, thanks to my experience in those fields.

My multi-lingual background, as well as my international education allow me to look at market situations from keeping the consumers' country-specific situations in mind.





Marketing & Sales Manager


MSc International Marketing, specicialisation Customer Management

BA Business Administration, specialisation International Supply Chain and Innovation Management


eyebright Ltd (>1 year, current position) - Marketing Manager

Formula Student (4 years) - Marketing

Siemens (3 years) - Supply Chain Management / Sales


Skills offered:

Customer Insight
Concept Development
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Business Development