Illustrator / Book designer

Mathsphobia Education
Help Wanted Details:

Calling all illustrator/book designers 


We need your skills to bring to life our precious Maths Books to let our young learners develop confidence as well as allowing our future employers to use it to help spread the love of the subject.  

The book content is ready and needs your professional touch.  We will provide you with the content and please feel free to add your touch to it and/or suggest changes where necessary.  

Abacus Kru is a start up social enterprise looking to tackle 2 causes; addressing Mathsphobia and creating employment opportunities for the elderly.  

Do get in touch if you think you can bring our book to life and help spread the love of Maths.  We need your expertise ASAP.  

Call Tas on 07748567706 or drop me an email at





Skill Required: Graphic Design
Advert Created: 06 Mar 2017
Help wanted deadline: 24 Mar 2017