We want to find and rescue missing people when their lives are at risk. Can you help us to keep doing that?

Kent Search and Rescue
Help Wanted Details:

Kent Search and Rescue (KSAR) is one of 36 Lowland Rescue teams operating in the non-mountainous areas of the UK. Our highly trained members are volunteers who give their time free and make themselves available 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year.

KSAR exists to assist the police and other emergency services in the search for, and rescue of, vulnerable missing persons whose lives may be in danger, BUT KSAR is a charity and relies upon donations to enable it to carry out its life-saving work.

We need help from a marketing and public relations professional who can work with us to raise public and media awareness of the vital work that KSAR does, in order to secure the vital donations that KSAR needs to keep going, but more importantly gain corporate sponsorship to help guarantee the team’s long term future.

Just think, if a member of your family was missing on a freezing cold winter’s night…you’d be thankful if nearly 100 highly trained men and women were out searching for them with all the skills and technology at their disposal.

Our volunteers ask for nothing, other than the opportunity to save lives.

Can you help us?

Skill Required: PR
Advert Created: 10 Mar 2017
Help wanted deadline: 03 Apr 2017