Website Developer and Maintenance Intern

Help Wanted Details:

We are looking for a skilled website designer to join our small London based team. As we plan to launch next month, we are currently in the need of an intern who can design a new website and regularly update it. An ideal candidate would be someone who is creative, innovative and reliable. 

This is a voluntary position which will last for approximately 3 months, but there is a possibility of being offered a long term, stipended role depending on the person and the expansion the charity. It will be a part-time flexible role to begin and we will adapt the times to fit the right candidate. 

Roles include: 
- Creating a website for Unity’s launch. 
- Updating the website as the work Unity does progress. 
- Creating and maintaining social media platforms for Unity, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
- Keeping to date with relevant current affairs to update these social media platforms. 

Essential Criteria: 
- Invested in the humanitarian crisis and is driven to make a difference. 
- Previous experience in using programs such as HTML or other equivalents and has access to the software
- Thrive under pressured and challenging situations but capable of working steadily towards a deadline. 

Please send your cover letter explaining why you are the best candidate for the role and a CV.

Skill Required: Web Development
Advert Created: 14 Mar 2017
Help wanted deadline: 25 Mar 2017