Revamp these plain one-pager documents!

Global One
Help Wanted Details:

We need your help to design eye-catching and vibrant new one-pager documents to help generate interest in some of our projects and potential donations! We'll be rolling these out for an upcoming conference in Qatar and also on a local community level, and need someone to design them. Can you give us a hand? 

Here's some info about us:
Global One is a UK-based Muslim women-led charity developing sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions to global poverty. We work with communities and change-makers in particular women to lead the path to their own empowerment, health and development. Our vision is to create a world where women are empowered to make their own choices and transform their communities.

We would really like these one-pager leaflets to be modern, eye-catching but with a touch of femininity in order to encapsulate our vision of empowering women - being women-led. Altogether, we really need 4 of these leaflets designed and would like the photos to be included of the projects (attached in the document). We are also open to any illustrations or fun infographics to help lift the documents and make them readable.

Here's some info about what the leaflets should look like
Size: a4 - double sided - Portrait 
Font: Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed/ Helveticish (or any other font along these lines)

Thanks a bunch!

Skill Required: Graphic Design
Advert Created: 20 Mar 2017
Help wanted deadline: 31 Mar 2017