New Pro-Dyslexia Charity seeks PR campaign help

Help Wanted Details:

If you are dyslexic or have an interest in dyslexia, please join us and help us to stop the disenfranchisement of dyslexic thinkers!

NUword Booster Campaign

We need an experienced PR professional to kindly direct a PR campaign (part-time) for 8-12 weeks, run in parallel with our crowdfunder campaign - which will raise funds to set up the UK's first free dyslexia assessment centre. 

The project will be a broad  ‘Booster’ campaign for us, so that we can reach a wider audience and utilise all of our founder Sally Gardner’s press and school contacts. Sally Gardner is an award-winning novelist with severe dyslexia.

Main Aims: 

The main aim is to get NUword in to the public eye, to ‘officially’ launch it as an organisation and a website (we’ve only done a soft launch so far), and to get the press interested via Sally's profile and contacts, to share our positive message far and wide.

Second aim is to get the forums more ACTIVE.

Third aim is to direct people to our crowdfunding page.

Ideal Outcomes:

During the process we would generate more online members, drive more traffic to the site, get people interested in NUword 'Reinventing Dyslexia' talks (in collaboration with Central St Martin's and Exceptional Individuals), get schools' teachers and classes posting on our website forums (need Sally's NUT contacts! Even one or two schools would make a difference), share our 'News' content so far widely (across our social media and in mail-outs, contacting and connecting with those in the interviews themselves and those we think could be interested in specific themes relayed in the content), appealing to and developing each of our four demographics: Children with dyslexia/Adults with dyslexia/Teachers/Parents. Finally, forging more collaborations and partnerships, and better utilising the ones we have.

Skill Required: PR
Advert Created: 21 Apr 2017
Help wanted deadline: 21 May 2017