Social Media Marketer / Communication Consultant that secure a Major Donor

‘One’ Man Anti-Racism Campaign London Tour
Help Wanted Details:

I am looking for the following on Pro Bono basis:

Freelance Social Media Marketer including (Optional) - Printed Media PR

Communication Consultant that is able to secure a Major Donor that could donate to my Anti-Racism Campaign London Tour.

 About my Campaign entitled: ‘One’ Man Anti-Racism Campaign London Tour

In the wake of Brexit, increasing tensions around immigration and resulting racism, I have set up a ‘One’ man anti-racism campaign, which aims to address racism and celebrate our ‘oneness’ as humans when irrespective of race, colour, religion or creed we come together as one, which has been testament to the unity and community spirit in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

My One Man Anti-Racism Campaign UK Tour project funding request is now active on Crowd Funding / Spacehive Site.

This project has been approved by most London Borough Councils to take place within their Borough.

It has also been cleared for public funding by Crowd Funding / Spacehive’

These are the area I require immediate assistance with, payment will be on Pro Bono basis:

Consultant: The Consultant will be required to help locate Major – Donor that could donate towards the total required amount as published on Crowd Funding / Spacehive site.

You can view this Crowd Funding campaign donation article on

PR: The Freelancer is to undertake all PR related works covering Printed Media, Social Networking site marketing and promotions and if possible including Printed Media.

I will agree to pay an agreed amount towards the Freelancers out of pocket expenses that are presented to me in advance and agreed by me.

Securing a Freelancer that could assist and support my campaign as described above would also have a hugely positive effect in securing a Major Donor including effective PR campaign which will, in turn, create unstoppable momentum for this campaign and encourage others to donate and lend their support.

Estimated campaign period is One Month starting from the end of July 2017.

To preview my Anti-Racism songs video including 7Up Pepsi Cola “Disco Inferno” UK TV Commercial featuring me, please visit:

To access my Facebook Profile:

My Record Labe Strobe Records website is currently undergoing redesigning and will be completed before the end of August 2017.

My Contact Details

Mr Loveday Onwuka (a.k.a. Genie / GenieNDB)

Strobe Records

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Skill Required: Marketing
Advert Created: 29 Jul 2017
Help wanted deadline: 25 Aug 2017