Website Design Update

Cam Sight
Help Wanted Details:

We are looking for help with updating the design of our website. The current design was created in 2011 and has become quite dated and unsuitable for our needs. The website is hosted on Wordpress.


We would like the following changes to be made:

  • We would like the new website design to be responsive to desktop, tablet, and mobile use. 
  • As many of our users are visually impaired, we would need the new design to be compatible with screen readers. We have several types of screen readers available, with which we could test the new designs. 
  • We would like the basic layout of pages to be text split into sections, with small pictures featuring alongside text.
  • We would like to add a feature to our news page to show text, short summary of the post, and picture alongside. Similar to this:
  • We would like our newsletter sign up box to be added to the footer and linked with our mailchimp account
  • A general update of the design, guided by the expert opinion of our pro bono designer
  • As we do not have coding expertise within the charity, updates would need to be made in a way that is manageable by staff after it is implemented. 
We have a dedicated Comms Manager who would be able to manage the relationship with the designer, responding quickly to questions. We would greatly appreciate help in this website update. Thank you for your consideration!

Skill Required: Web Development
Advert Created: 01 Aug 2017
Help wanted deadline: 27 Oct 2017