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Unfortunately, we don't have a team/person/anyone at HENRY who is responsible for marketing. As part of my role, I coordinate HENRY activities in a part of Bradford we call Better Start (I'm the only one from the charity who works here!). This involves delivering practitioner training, running and coordinating programmes for parents in group and 1-to-1 and running a volunteer project. 

I've recently really come to recognise the value of marketing and communications on recruitment to our parent programmes - we have so much on offer, it saddens me to know there are lots of parents out there that don't know these opportunities are available to them! However, my background is in teaching and support work and I don't appear to have a creative bone in my body - so when my manager suggested this website, I jumped at the chance to find out more.

I'd love if someone would be so kind as to offer their help either:

a) suggest ideas for how I can develop social media locally (but not too time-consuming) and make use of what's out there

b) help to make some posts

c) you may have other fab ideas - totally open to suggestions!

New Year is a time when people reflect on their lifestyles and it would be great to have something really effective in place to tie in with this.


Really happy to talk through all this - just get in touch!

Skill Required: Social Media Marketing
Advert Created: 26 Oct 2017
Help wanted deadline: 17 Nov 2017