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London Youth Support Trust
Help Wanted Details:

We need to completely rebrand our charity, a move that has been approved by our trustees.

We have had the same name for 18 years now and need to rebrand because:
1. The name does not describe what we do 2. Our clients don’t define themselves as ‘youth’ but as young entrepreneurs  3. We often get mistaken for other charities – eg London Youth  4. We are expanding to other areas of the UK  5. There is a lot more competition and other organisations are better presented and we are being left behind in terms of accessing opportunities and funding. Our branding is dated and does not represent a youth enterprise charity.

We would very much welcome some support in rebranding.  The starting point will have to be defining a new name based on our vision and mission statements:

Vision statement: 
We envisage a world where success in enterprise is defined by hard work and talent, not by race, gender or circumstance.   
Mission statement:  
It is our mission to enable enterprising young people to reach their full potential by providing them with the workspace and advice needed to run a business in order to become financially independent

If you can help, we would love to hear from you!


Project Development

London Youth Support Trust


Follow this link to see a London Live interview with one of the young people we work with.  Taffy was involved in gangs growing up and was 'surrounded by negative influences.'  With our support he has set up a printing business.



Skill Required: Branding
Advert Created: 28 Nov 2017
Help wanted deadline: 05 Dec 2018