Help needed for Jan Launch! New Vegan & Veg Recipe Kits Fighting Food Poverty

Make Kit - Vegan and vegetarian recipe kits fighting food poverty
Help Wanted Details:

Make Kit was launched off the back of NHS research one year ago that identified 3 main barriers to a healthy diet:

  1. The perceived high cost of healthy food

  2. The lack of time to cook from scratch, and;

  3. The lack of knowledge of how to cook healthily.

We are planning a re-launch in January of vegan and vegetarian only recipe kits. Our customers are socially minded and are interested in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Two thirds of our sales have been for vegetarian or vegan dishes despite having a 50:50 split in recipes since our launch in June. We want to respond and build on this using it as a USP alongside our social mission by becoming the only vegan and vegetarian recipe kit business that was developed to improve the nutrition for all members of society with our unique social business model, using profits to subsidise meals and community cooking courses. We have already had some pro bono support given to us to help us create a campaign to support this in January ( and a designer ( However, as a not-for-profit and with limited funds we also need support to bring these materials to life and looking for:
- PR support
- Graphic designers to help create branded materials 
- Advertising
Please get in touch via email or mobile, details below.
m: 07920097772

Skill Required: PR
Advert Created: 06 Dec 2017
Help wanted deadline: 14 Dec 2018