Charity Expedition Identity and Car Wrap

Girls Go Global
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'Girls Go Global'

I am looking for a designer to create an identity for an upcoming expedition that will tell stories of women and girls around the world. A female-led team will drive from France to South Africa and back, finding and sharing extraordinary stories they find along the way. Deliverables: identity PLUS a concept for vehicle wrap for the team vehicle.

This is part of a long-term campaign to use adventurous intiatives to raise awareness about key issues facing women and girls around the world. How does one cut through the noise to tell critically imoportant stories? The second expedition in the series will see explorer Toby Storie-Pugh make the first attempt to walk the length of the Congo River with a team fronted by actor Robin Wright.

Please email your portfolio/ website.

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Skill Required: Graphic Design
Advert Created: 09 Jan 2018
Help wanted deadline: 19 Jan 2018