Solerico - Branding & Marketing Volunteer Needed!

Help Wanted Details:

As a growing international charity focused on mitigating the issues of climate change by providing poverty-alleviating green technology solutions to communities who need them most, Solerìco needs your help!

Essentially, we need assistance on all aspects of our digital marketing and branding strategy, given that for the time-being we have been doing most of it ourselves. Because we have grown exponentially in the past year, we would like to make sure our image reflects the quality and overall professionalism and passion of our team and the work we're doing.

Specifically, we need:

  • Someone who can advise on the current branding/logo/image of the charity.
  • Someone with strong design skills, for helping streamline content we are creating (presentations to sponsors, whitepapers, proposals, company documents, etc.) This would involve creating a set of templates for the documents we usually use, and have them aligned with the marketing that appears on our website and social media platforms.
  • Someone who can provide assistance in digital marketing, in order to build an online following for the charity. This might involve also creating promotional documents, such as brochures and PDFs we can distribute online.
  • Someone who can advise/edit/produce our first promotional video, for which we already have a significant amount of great footage (notably from our first trip to visit our projects in Nepal).
Valued skills:
  • Strong creative design skills and knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign.
  • Strong video editing and production skills and knowledge of preferred software (Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere/etc.)
  • Passionate about the environment and enthusiatic team-player.
  • Ability to work remotely - because our staff works in different parts of the world, most of the work we do is collaborative but done remotely, via e-mail, Google Drive, Skype, WhatsApp. We also rely heavily on Slack for our operations and communications. Thus, you need to be comfortable working with these programmes too.
  • Prior experience working with NGOs/charities is not a prerequisite but is highly valued.
  • Languages and experience working/travelling abroad are also valued, though not required.
  • Most of our team members have prior commitments and contribute to our initiative on a pro bono/voluntary basis. We recognise their time constraints and appreciate all the efforts they can contribute nonetheless. The time commitment for our Branding & Marketing Volunteer wouldn't be huge and would be tailored to the volunteer's availability.
  • We initially ask our volunteers to commit to the initiative for a 3-month period. At the end of this period, we review performance and mutual expectations - if you've enjoyed your time with us, we'd be happy to welcome you to the team for a longer/indefinite duration!
  • While we are still a budding organisation, we are working internationally and growing fast. Being a part of Solerìco's team means you will be part of a global team and have access and visibility in new markets.
  • Your work will be accredited on our website where you will be listed as a team-member.
  • You will be listed on our LinkedIn page for the work done, and you will be allowed to list yourself as a team-member on your own profile (and we'd be happy to provide reviews of the work you've done for us too!)
  • For volunteers who successfully complete their 3-month position with us, if you choose to stay on and continue to work as a part-time volunteer, we will provide you with your own personalised e-mail address and business cards. You will also be formally listed as part of our operational staff.
"I'm interested - what happens now?"
  • If you feel you would make a great addition to Solerìco's team and that you have some/all of the required skills listed above (or if you would simply like to know more about the organisation) please get in contact with us via e-mail and provide us a brief explanation as to how you fit the bill.
  • Please also send us a copy of your latest CV and any examples of past work you've done which illustrates your skills.
  • We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis throughout the month of February.
Thank you for your interest in building a brighter tomorrow! We look forward to hearing from you. ☼
Paul Grelon
Director & UK Coordinator

Skill Required: Branding
Advert Created: 01 Feb 2018
Help wanted deadline: 28 Feb 2018