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Have you ever had an idea that you've mentioned to your friends and it's snowballed so fast that it's picked you up and rolled you cartoon style down a hill? This is the situation I find myself in right now and I really need help.

My idea is to take an Art and Music Tour around Rural England and possibly Wales, the Tour is going to be totally interactive and designed around bring people together through the two fantastic mediums. The idea is being propelled along at an alarming rate and I don't even have the basics like a Logo and Branding!

I am forming a Community Interest Company that will give 100% of the profits back to the community, I like to think of us as a 'Happiness Project'.

I have bought the domain www.artemmedia.co.uk and now I need some serious help in building the website to go with it, everything from Logo, Branding, Copy, Blogs etc.

If you feel you could help I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading.

Sharon Longshaw

Skill Required: Branding
Advert Created: 07 Feb 2018
Help wanted deadline: 28 Feb 2018