Help us increase our cash flow!

Educating Beyond Borders
Help Wanted Details:
We need to raise a minimum of £5000 in the next 3 months so that we can
keep working to help protect the education rights of international

We need an improved marketing message and strategy. So that we generate at least £100 a week. To reach our target of £5000 in 3 months. We really need to create an income stream of £500 a week. We have not been able to achieve a sustainable cash flow yet. We are struggling to overcome the continuous onslaught of misleading messages in the press and on social media about international students. However, more recent funding appeals we've sent out have raised around £500 in cash. Following on from our 4th and yet again very successful parliamentary event. We think we finally have the capacity and credibility to successfully launch an income stream. We were commended by all the Peers who attended our event in the House of Lords and our session was praised as an "eye opener". We have a program of events planned for 2018, our fundraising e-newsletters we send out and other plans to raise cash. We are willing to share this information
with the right marketing professional willing to partner with us to help us achieve long term success!

We are keen for advice how we can push through the "noise", get heard and get people to buy our products, merchandise, pay to come to one of our events or give donations.

Skill Required: Marketing
Advert Created: 09 Feb 2018
Help wanted deadline: 23 Feb 2018