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Educating Beyond Borders
Help Wanted Details:

Hi there!

We're on the hunt for some help to take our website from great to EXCELLENT!

We've made our website and we're getting great feedback. You can visit it here

But we just need some help to make minor tweaks to our website so it does a better job:

1. recruiting online donors. By adding a donate button to our blog articles

2. spreading our message about what is education and the difficulties international students have accessing vocational higher and further education in the UK

Many people mistakenly believe international students want to "work in the UK for a couple years after they graduate". The truth is, since 2010, international students have been blocked from finishing their studies. Most students are on courses where the qualifications form part of the degree. Qualifications heavily depend on work placements.

3. Help us to create our online e-store. We want our e-store to form part of our Social Enterprise model where students can make products that are sold. Our overall vision is to create a student version of "Alibaba" - BUT - we know we've got a long way to go to work up to this!

4. Help us with some of the code on our wordpress theme. We've got an SSL certificate but it doesn't show upp. We've tried contacting the theme creator but they don't reply to us. Our web hosts advise we just need a web developer to help us fix the small glitch.

Skill Required: Web Development
Advert Created: 09 Feb 2018
Help wanted deadline: 23 Feb 2018