Sales Hero Wanted!!

Educating Beyond Borders
Help Wanted Details:

We've got (what we think is a clever idea) for a marketing strategy that:

1. helps us get our message out

2. reinforces our brand - ie work experience, experiential learning is invaluable education for students

3. PLUS, helps us generate a sustainable self-generating income revenue.

We need the help of the right marketing professional to turn our idea into reality!

We'd like to tell interested volunteers about our 2018 program of events, our strategey and fundraising goals. As well as our other plans to raise cash.

We've had great feedback our idea of running workshops, events and experiences to help people understand the value of learning by doing is a really great idea. We have event concepts in place. We have an idea who our "market", customers who will buy tickets to our events would be. But - we're struggling to figure out how to successfully target and connect with our identified market/customer base.

We also need advice how we can push through the "noise", get heard and get people to buy our products, merchandise, pay to come to one of our events or give donations.

Skill Required: Strategic Marketing
Advert Created: 09 Feb 2018
Help wanted deadline: 23 Feb 2018